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The Blues Crawlers
The Blues Crawlers, was founded by Gil Jenkins, with the belief that music lovers should be able To be the driving force behind what music they would like to hear, and when they would like to hear it. The public do not want a hand full of people trying to control an American Art form where as they can only listen to certain music or musicians that are put before them only. When looking for the best in our field of Music we are the Professional’s (Undisputed)

The Blues Crawlers,  originally formed by Gil Jenkins in 1996, in Austin TX and has been entertaining audiences with a variety of Rhythm & Blues, Classic-Rock as well as Light-Jazz, Soul and Acoustic-World music ever since.  Gil Jenkins is passionate about translating your musical events into an Award-winning Creative Musical Project. We work very close with our clients to bring out the best in an event by getting the clients involved with the production process of the event as well as helping select the music they would like to hear from the (400) songs we can play. All of the music we create for your event is designed to complement all of your goals, and desires.

We also create Original Music that will be designed just for you or your Company, TV, Radio, or Advertising Jingles. The Blues Crawlers have a very tight flexible sound that you can only get with season professional musicians that have played together for many of years. The Blues Crawlers have the capability of playing their music to a wide range of audiences. Masterful multi-tasking is what drives the band creative engine that is The Blues Crawlers. We pride ourselves on meeting the impossible deadline; exceeding our client’s expectations and hearing them say “Awesome Job” well done. We are determined to make your event, epitomize your creative Business no matter what your budget is.

Whether it’s soulful Rhythm & Blues, to Soul, Classic-Rock, Light Jazz, or Acoustic Background Music, any kind of sound that will Inspire everyone to get up and dance or tap your feet to the beat of, professional Musicians that has over 25 years of experience in the business each and are world Traveler’s with some of the biggest acts in American Music.

TYPE MUSIC Blues/ Soul/ Classic-Rock/R&B/ Light-Jazz

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